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KIPP ENC - Senior Signing Day 2018 Live Stream. Join the movement that is revolutionizing education in Northeastern North Carolina. KIPP ENC is transforming the lives of students by preparing them for success in college and the world beyond. KIPP ENC has proven that demography does not define destiny. Donate Today!


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Seventeen years ago a brave and committed group of teachers, fifth graders and their families helped transform 27 acres of soybeans and peanuts into our first campus dedicated to ensuring that all of our students would be prepared to succeed at the colleges of their choice and positively impact the world. Today those students have quadrupled the college graduation rate for students from low-income communities, and our growing region is now home to more than 1,900 students and 140 staff in Gaston, Halifax and Durham. This year, we celebrate the fact that 100% of our 10th graduating class has earned acceptance to a four year college or university. In addition, the Pride of 2018 has already earned over $3,500,000 in grants and scholarships. Join us as we watch the live stream pre-recorded Friday, April, 27 at 12:00pm EST as each member of our senior class unveils the college of his/her choice.

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